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Welcome to my site. I hope you will enjoy exploring it.  Inspired by my many wonderful teachers including Peggie Sampson, who herself had been a student of Casals and Nadia Boulanger; Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi; Janos Starker; Bernard Greenhouse of the Beaux Arts Trio  (for whom I was a teaching assistant and with whom I received my MMus) and Wanda Jeziorska, I very much feel myself to be a conduit through which this musical tradition can continue.  But in addition to the legacy of my teachers, so many experiences have informed my playing and thinking so that this tradition continues to  grow and be renewed.  Having worked as an orchestral and chamber musician in Canada, I emigrated to the UK where, as well as creating concerts of traditional classical and contemporary repertoire for Ismena Collective, I perform on the cello using a loop pedal and in a small band which plays music from the Jewish tradition. In my teaching and composing, I am constantly drawing on these experiences.  Above all, my motivation is collaboration.  As a colleague recently said to me, "I used to bring my life to the music but now I bring the music to my life."

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